• Ensure students learn 100%: Research has proven that only a percent of what is taught in class is retained by students. And the sooner the review of content the better retention of knowledge. Blended learning has proven to be extremely effective in this case. Children learn at school from teachers and when the content is reviewed sooner the rate of retention and recollection is higher.
  • Effective use of time at home: Students today do not just attend school they are engaged in several enrichment, sports and  activities once they head home from school. Smaaton uses a funnel (top-down) approach to identify areas of gaps and a method to tie the area of gaps to the lessons directly so students can put effort where it is needed.
  • Offer real-time feedback to students on performance: Often students get their test results after days of completing the test and the corrected tests are not sent back home as they are recycled. Smaaton will provide students Realtime results on test that are objective. Essay based tests can be graded and feedback updated so students can review at their convenience or go back to it when preparing for quarterly tests.
  • No more recycling of tests: Smaaton is smart and will shuffle the order of questions and answers or offer a totally different set if a student plans to retake a test.
  • Top-Down and Bottom-up approach: Students who prefer to take self-paced courses for some subjects and or missed a class can learn remotely using our bottom-up approach
  • Pace and stretch your students learning: Smaaton’s method ensures students learn at their pace, this works well for accelerated learning with ability to stretch their horizons by adaptive content.
  • Capitalize your teaching talent: Create content that students often seek outside school, tutoring, enrichment, non-lab/project based subjects etc. to generate revenue that can support your schools growth
  • Minimize teacher manual paperwork
  • Offer virtual live teaching sessions and split classroom into workout groups
  • Create Special Interest Groups to collaborate: Opportunity to form clubs to collaborate

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